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Reef Wellness Watermelon Gummies

Reef Wellness

Reef Wellness Watermelon Gummies

$ 29.95

Reef Wellness Sour Watermelon Gummies deliver the perfect watermelon gummy flavor, it’s juicy and sweet with a kick of sour that will shock your taste buds. While flavors are definitely what makes life interesting when it comes to CBD, quality and effectiveness will always come first. With a goal to meet the highest quality standards, Reef CBD Gummies and all other Reef products are made with CBD from the highest-quality, American-grown hemp plants and are batch lab tested for purity and quality. While our flavors may be honestly some of the best on the market, they’re the cherry on top with the amazing, all-natural properties of our premium blend of hemp-derived CBD.

Grab a bottle of our mouth-watering Sour Watermelon CBD gummies and try not to finish them too fast!

Reef Wellness Sour Watermelon CBD Gummies

Watermelon Sour features the best of both worlds, offering the sweetness of a freshly sliced watermelon doused in sour sugar! This soft chew offers a rich and flavorful burst of sweetness, with the perfect amount of sourness. We captured these wild watermelons as they were ripening underneath a scorching summer sun. Apparently they weren’t too happy about waiting to be picked for so long, because the normally-sweet watermelon flesh was sour when we helped ourselves to a slice! We poured on some sugar to try to sweeten it up, but these darn melons just made the sugar sour instead! When life gives you sour watermelons, you don’t give up…you simply turn it into a sweet and sour soft chew!

And that’s exactly what we did with these gummies! Enjoy a refreshing blast of sweetness followed by a powerful punch of sour, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds in a single soft chew! But these gummies are more than just delicious flavor and sour goodness; each of the chews are infused with the healing properties of CBD, allowing a safe and convenient way to combat your daily stress, depression, muscle soreness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other issues. Grab a bottle of these sweet and sour gummies and see how CBD can make a positive THC-free impact in your life today!

Reef Wellness Sour Watermelon CBD Gummies Ingredients

Corn syrup, sugar, water, modified corn starch, gelatin, fortifiber, less than 2% citric acid, natural flavor, MCT oil, natural colors, confectionary glaze, proprietary full spectrum CBD in hemp oil

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