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Teardrip Juice Co.

Teardrip Juice Co. is truly a premium juice line made by experienced vapors with a combined 8 years experience in the vaping industry and 4 years experience creating delicious flavors. Our three flavors were designed to be flavorful, yet not overpowering in a 70/30 VG/PG blend for optimal smoothness, vapor production and wicking capabilities.


Tony Riva and Danny Redburn are the artists behind Teardrip Juice Co, however this is not their first successful juice company. They were formerly contracted to invent/create the four original flavors for R&D Creations (Trickz, Nerdz, Shortcakez and Tropicali. So even if you haven’t tried Teardrip yet, you may already be familiar with their work.


We currently offer 3 flavors (descriptions found here) and we will be releasing more as we go. Our first three flavors were in the “research and development” phase for 6 months, so please believe that everything Teardrip Juice Co produces is given the upmost attention to detail and will not be released until we feel it is “perfect.”