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asMODus is an American vapor company that manufacturers and distributes through our Los Angeles, California based facility. An asMODus mod proves that you don't have to sacrifice style for performance. For many vapers, looks matter. asMODus has changed the game with beautiful mods that redefine what a vaporizer can be. This brand has led the way in the design of wood box mods that feature a variety of elegant design patterns and colors. Ladies who vape will truly appreciate how well an asMODus box mod blends with their own personal fashion choices. As good as they look, however, asMODus vape devices perform at the upper end of the spectrum. They sport loads of power, temperature control and a host of other customizations you might not expect to encounter in a mod this attractive. You can carry these vaporizers right alongside your mobile device, and few will know the difference. They look similar to other pieces of trendy mobile technology are protected with a stylish case.