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S'mores Coffee Drink C3 Vapors OC Best Coffee Shop

So making delicious coffee has always been a passion of mine and now i have a chance to share it with everyone. There are too many people making coffee and its all the same. Coffee or espresso with a pump or 2 of syrup and no creativity. Really? Coffee is support to be fun, relaxing and refreshing.

So we took the idea of what are some of our favorite treats? One is S'mores who doesn't love melted Chocolate Chips, warm Marsh-mellow and Graham Crackers? How bout a 19.5 gram double shot of Stumptown Hairbender espresso? Lets try this out.

We blend or blended coffee drinks to a milk shake like consistency. If your buying a 24oz coffee you should get 24oz of coffee not 20 oz of ice and surup and 4oz of milk and coffee. That is what makes us OC Best Coffee Shop. It the Value we give our customers with a smile.

We Can make this drink with Whole Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, 2% Milk, Fat Free Milk or Half and Half.

Stop bye and see what you have been missing!!!

C3 Vapors & Coffee
1779 Newport Bvld
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627
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