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C3 Vapors Secret Sauce Mod Polish Product Release

Here at C3 Vapors we felt a need to create a mod polish that was not abrasive, all natural and would not be hazard to a human health.

Most Shops use products that are designed for automotive or home applications that have warnings including wear gloves, do not ingest, or not for human consumption normally followed by a number for the CDC.

We found a great alternative we are now after testing offering to the general public. A big part of Mod Safty is having a clean mod. Mechanical Hybrid mods get dirty and when they do the become UNSAFE!!! A dirty mod does not allow current to pass correctly through the mod and can cause the mod to work improperly. It is recommended to service and clean a mechanical hybrid mod at least once every 2 weeks. Most skilled Vape Retailer can assist for a small fee, but with you can do it at home with a little elbow grease and C3 Vapors Secret Sauce.

We are not responsible for injury from using a power drill or from any improper vaping practices. Always seek profession help from a qualified shop with any of your vaping needs. Safe Vaping is a priority of C3 Vapors. Check your battery wraps, clean and service your mods, never put a tank on a mechanical mod and forthe love of all thing vaping seek professional help. Your friends are not professionals, check with actually professional who work in vape shops that are involved with SFATA, notblowingsmoke or CASAA.

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