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Sky-RC MC3000 3 AMP Fastest18650 Battery Charger in the Industry 2016 CES

SKYRC MC3000 - Your Batteries' Doctor
Can't bear fan's noise in your out battery charger? Come and have a look at this superb Skyrc MC3000, it may be the best charger on earth! MC3000 is a quiet charger, don't worry about its noise no matter what batteries you charge. You will be surprised at its strong compatibility. The sleek charger is compatible with a wide range of battery sizes and chemistries such as Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni-Zn, Eneloop, Lithium-ion, Li-FePO4, even Lilo4.35 batteries. What's more? Bluetooth 4.0 technique enables users to operate the charger and view the real time charging process via mobile App.

Main Features:
● Bluetooth 4.0 Technique
Enables users to operate the charger and view the real time charging process via mobile App
● Universal Charger
Compatible with Lithium-ion, Eneloop, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni-Zn, LiFePO4, Lilo4.35 batteries
● Accurate Analyzer
Not only displays real charge / discharge voltage, current, capacity, MC3000 can help you refresh analyze, count batteries' cycles, check current, restart voltage, repair (break-in) batteries etc.
● Rich User Interface, Professional Programming
The entire charging process is all in your control by just 8 buttons. 30 user-defined profiles can be set
● PC Control
Except Bluetooth APP control, software control is enabled for users to operate charging process via PC link interface
● LED Screen
The integrated 128 x 64 pixels LCD panel displays charging parameters and progress during operation
● Foolproof Protections
Features current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold, charging time limit to protect batteries
● AC adapter input voltage: AC 100-240V

Download PC Software: http://download.appinthestore.com/uploads/201511/MC3000_Monitor.exe

Update to V1.01: http://download.appinthestore.com/uploads/201512/MC3000_Monitor_V1.01

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